About Us

What is Edu Status?

Edu Status is an Education technology firm that offers…

  1. Software to support the day to day information management needs of Schools.
  2. A behavioral management framework to rewards and discourages negative behaviors while allowing businesses to support your school.
  3. VoIP phone services complete with instant messaging and screen sharing capabilities.
  4. Enterprise Wifi solutions for schools of all sizes.
Our History…

Our founders interacted with the NYC education system in multiple roles. They were school board members, students, working parents, and teachers. Each role provided a unique vantage point / perspective as to what is needed to deliver a quality educational program and a school culture that produces strong scholastic students. In these roles, they saw theme of direct or indirect student empowerment. The market place offered software that addressed specific needs but were unable to find software that met the needs of each role and was within the budget and operational constraints of urban teachers, schools, districts and charter networks. Moreover, the market place solutions were not easily customizable to track, report, aggregate and summarize the performance at a student, teacher, district or charter network level.

Edu Status was formed to create that cost effective holistic software, that would connect the dots, and align common day interactions of school boards, working parents, teachers, and even local businesses to empower and motivate educational outcomes.

Our goals…
  1. Partner with schools that want to create technology rich educational environments
  2. Provide schools best of bread education management software at a price that cannot be easily beat.
  3. Increase parent engagement by proactively empowering them with actionable information.
  4. Reduce the time and make it easy for teachers to manage curriculum and student performance.
  5. Help lower operating costs with technology solutions that were previously out of reach due to budgetary constraints.