Our Users

Scholars – Today’s generation is tethered to their electronic devices and schools should adjust to the benefits of this new world. The Edu Status platform seeks to empower students with the tools to succeed on their tablets, “smartphones” and in the world they increasingly live. Besides keeping track of grades and schedules, students have access to exclusive content for study habits and career and college planning–helping to create not just better grades but better students.

Parents – We worry that our children are not succeeding and/or that we’re not doing enough to help them with school and life. Edu Status helps parents connect with their child’s education like never before– having a child’s attendance patterns, academic progress and school activities in the palm of their hands. Our tools help parents to hold schools and teachers accountable as well, helping to build community and strengthen the educational village.

Educators – Teachers are under more pressure than ever to be accountable for results. Edu Status lets educators truly focus on teaching and building student relationships by spending less time with “busy work”. Whether scheduling parent meetings or ensuring core standards are met, Edu Status makes life easier for educator.

School Boards – One of the top reasons independent schools fail is because of poor governance. Edu Status helps to avoid this by creating a single for platform for data collection, aggregation and reporting. Our partnership with Control Module Industries also can provide efficient human resource management solutions. From meeting minutes to reporting outcomes, we want to see your educational vision succeed as much as you do. Let Edu Status help.

Businesses – As the African tale goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and critical components of your education village lie outside your school walls. Until now, it hasn’t been easy to get local and national businesses involved in supporting your school – but Edu Status is changing that.