Benefits of Centralized Grading and Evaluation

Having a classroom (or classrooms) with many students can be difficult to keep up with at times. From the tests to the lessons and curriculum planning for students, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit overwhelmed with organization in every aspect of teaching.

One example of that aspect is grading and evaluation. You pass out the tests and assignments, but they have to be graded and recorded in a log of some kind. That could be tedious and a bit too much to keep up with, but that is where centralized grading and evaluation comes into play.

Centralized grading and evaluation is a system in which students’ grades can be seen and accessed by teachers, students themselves and parents, all in a system that is easily accessible to users and through Edu Status for Networks and Districts, users have a cohesive, well-run platform to view grades. Here are a few benefits of having a centralized grading system:

  • Provides a centralized source to view and edit grades: All grades from every facet of the classroom (homework assignments, tests, etc.) will be recorded in one place for easy viewing. Users with more authority and control over the site (teachers) obviously have the option to edit grades but it allows parents and students to be fully cognizant of classroom progress as every grade is posted.
  • Enhances communication between student, parent, and teacher: With grades posted and able to view online, there will be no unexpected surprises at Parent-Teacher Conferences. In fact, having centralized grading will allow parents, students and teachers to be on one accord with classroom progress, focusing on what the student needs to improve on if they are falling behind. With the up to date system, responsibility will be placed on students to monitor their progress along with parents and teachers having open communication as to how to help improve and make sure their student excels.
  • Easy access to statistical information: Once the grade is entered in the log, there will be a statistical grade percentage shown for each student category (homework, quizzes, journals, etc), which is easy to use and navigate between for all users. This makes access simple and frequent, as the users of the system can log in view the information at their leisure.
  • Does away with the archaic pen and paper for grade logs: Ditch the pen and paper and logs. With centralized grading, you won’t have to worry about losing your logs and grades as all of them are online.

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