• Benefits of Centralized Grading and Evaluation

    Having a classroom (or classrooms) with many students can be difficult to keep up with at times. From the tests to the lessons and curriculum planning for students, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit overwhelmed with organization in every aspect of teaching. One example of that aspect is grading and evaluation. You pass out […]

  • 5 Tips to Running an Effective Meeting

    Meetings are perfect opportunities to update staff on the progress in the school year and curriculum, what goals have been accomplished and what future goals are hoped to be achieved. Successful meetings rely on organization and clear objectives: the more planned and efficient the meeting is, the greater the increased chance of success. Here are […]

  • Tips on Successful Event Management

    Managing and creating an event can be stressful, especially for schools, boards and clubs. Coordination and planning are key, the foundations in creating a successful event. Here are a few tips to ensure you create and have a successful event according to Forbes: 1. Plan and coordinate: Understand your client’s expectation and identify the target […]

  • Tips on Making Parent Communication Easy and Frequent

    It’s no doubt that parents want to know how their child is doing in the classroom. Teachers are now implementing programs and systems to increase “family engagement” among parents. More than just knowing information about the school, teachers are doing more to create stronger relationships with parents. Here are a few tips that can make […]

  • How to Save Time with Lesson Planning and Common Core Alignment

    The lesson plan is a very important factor in teaching, as it serves as the backbone for what your students are going to learn on a daily basis, so a more streamlined and organized lesson plan will allow you to save time and effort and enable you to focus more on making sure your students […]

  • Behavioral Management Strategies

    One of the most difficult tasks of being a teacher is managing classroom behavior. A disruptive student takes time and focus away from other students’ learning. You must act quickly and nip it in the bud so the classroom environment can remain respectful and conducive to learning while you’re grooming students to not only be […]

  • Selecting a School

    Large schools, small schools, single-sex schools, religious-oriented schools, magnet schools, language immersion schools, charter schools, home school. There are as many schools as there are flavors of ice cream. We know you want the best for your child and will choose schools based on any number of mitigating factors that range from academic reputation, zone, […]

  • Common Core for Parents: The Good, the bad, the ugly

    The next astronaut? Engineer? CEO? Hollywood actor? President of the United States? You dream the world for your child and see a future without limits. All parents want the best for their children. You want all of the skills and values that you have instilled in them at home to be reflected in the rigor […]

  • Motivating your Child to Aim for Good Grades and Good Behavior

    Parenting comes with both incredible joys and tumultuous challenges. It’s hard not to react when our children experience a problem, but it’s all too easy to forget to celebrate the good. When it comes to our children’s educations and their long-term development, we need to address the achievements AND the problems. Especially when you have […]

  • Building the parent-teacher relationship and staying up-to-date on grades

    Our children spend about 35 hours a week with their teachers. Think back to your school years, can you recall some of your teachers? Most of us have certain teachers that stay with us, and we can all recall a time that our teacher said or did something that affects the choices we make even […]