Building the parent-teacher relationship and staying up-to-date on grades

Our children spend about 35 hours a week with their teachers. Think back to your school years, can you recall some of your teachers? Most of us have certain teachers that stay with us, and we can all recall a time that our teacher said or did something that affects the choices we make even today. Teachers have the potential to be one of the most influential role models in a child’s life. Knowing that, it’s easy to see why it’s important for parents to get to know their children’s teachers and build a positive relationship with two-way communication.

There are a few main things to keep in mind to create a circle of support” that includes you, your teacher, and your child.

  • Get to know the teacher right away: Don’t wait for a problem to start interacting with the teacher. Attend the parent-teacher conferences before the first day of school and make the most of your time. Keep in mind that you are setting an example for your child in how you treat the teacher. Be respectful and kind, as you want them to be in the classroom.
  • Communicate regularly: Set up a plan to talk to the teacher at regular intervals. Ask at your first meeting if you can schedule touch points throughout the year.
  • Stay involved: We’re all busy, I know, but it’s important to find times that you can get engaged in the classroom. When the school asks for volunteers or chaperones, sign up. Offer to help at school one day or ask to design an activity. Most teachers will welcome the help and appreciate your efforts to pitch in.

Grades are of course one of the main indicators of how your child is doing at school. It’s crucial to track your child’s grades and stay tuned in. Not only is it good parenting so that you can respond to the progress, it also demonstrates to your child that you are invested and sets an example that school is important. Remember, our kids pay much more attention to what we DO than what we SAY. Telling them that grades are important will go in one ear and out the other, but showing a clear intention to track grades and discuss them will speak volumes.

You could easily track grades in a spreadsheet, or even a notebook, but there’s a better way—a system designed to make your job easier. Edu Status is a free online tool where you can manage your child’s academic records—it’s easy to use and easy to access—and there’s a specific tool for tracking grades.

With the self-managed gradebook you can enter grades and automatically view averages and track progress. But if you’re like many parents out there, you’re not the only one interested in your child’s grades. That’s okay because create users on your account so your child’s mom, dad, grandmother, or anyone else can view and enter information. Because the tool is online and accessible from anywhere, each user can log on from their own computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Not only that, but you can invite your child’s teacher to enter grades directly. Just like another parent, they can log on to your account and enter information that is then instantly available to you.

Imagine heading to your next parent-teacher conference with a printout from your Edu Status gradebook. Suddenly it’s simple for the teacher to confirm or correct any grades, and you show up informed and prepared to make the most out of the meeting.

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