School Networks or Districts


As a school network or district leader, I want to manage and promote our culture, improve academic performance, attract and retain the best teaching staff, and have high parental engagement and community support, so that the children in our network or district will receive the best education possible.

My desired outcomes are:

  • 1. Standardize academic, behavioral benchmarks for the network or district.
  • 2. Standardize the Danielson teacher evaluation framework across the network or district.
  • 3. Provide standard information management tools for parents and Educators.
  • 4. We can track and report student academic, demographic, behavioral and medical incidents across the network or district.
  • 5. Track, measure, and report parental engagement levels.
  • 6. District and network Parents have access to their child’s demographic, academic, behavioral and medical incidents.

Solution Description

Edu Status, Community Rewards, and the business partner network provides is a treasure chest of tools and service provides that make network and district education management less painful.

Networks and districts use Edu Status to:

  • 1. Manage common core compliance
  • 2. Standardize curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation across the teaching staff
  • 3. Increase parent engagement
  • 4. Track, report, and academic performance

Why Edu Status Network and District?

  • - A single information management platform for my network or district
  • - Save resources by increasing the use of electronic communication
  • - Chart and see the growth of your School with customizable dashboards

Student Information Management (SIM)

$6 / Student
$3 / Teaching Staff or Parent


$6 / Student
$3 / Teaching Staff or Parent

School Management

$6 / Student
$3 / Teaching Staff or Parent
$10 / Non-Teaching Staff
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