Edu Status Parent


My child's school does not provide electronic access to my child's academic records and as a parent, I want to access to my child's academic performance and have a better way of managing my interactions with my child's school, so that I have a holistic view of my child's academic performance.

My desired outcomes are:

  • 1. I can maintain my own grade book
  • 2. I can invite a teacher to access my grade book.
  • 3. I can keep track of times that I drop off and pick up my son to school.
  • 4. I an invite teaches to enter attendance.
  • 5. I can invite family and friends to access my child's grade book and attendance.
  • 6. Use achieve incentivize and reward my child for the behaviors and character.

Solution Description

If your child's school does not provide electronic access to your child's records, now you can manage that information yourself with Edu Status Parent. Edu status parent, allows families to manage their child's grade book, attendance, reading logs, and interactions with their child's school. From our easy to use website or mobile apps.

Parents and students use Edu Status to:

  • 1. Keep track of attendance
  • 2. Keep track of reading logs
  • 3. Keep track of homework and grades
  • 4. Keep track of their child's school schedule
  • 5. Communications between parents and their child's school.

Why Edu Status parents?

  • - One location for families to keep track of their interactions with a school.
  • - Chart and see your child's growth in easy intuitive ways.
  • - Always be prepared when meeting or discussing your child's academic performance.
  • - If you child's teacher is using Edu Status parent, see how you child compares to the rest of his class.

Edustatus Parents ($6.00 / Student)

  • Analytics
  • Messages
  • Gradebook
  • Attendance Book
  • Behavioral Management
  • Calendar