Edu Status Teacher


As a teacher, I am want to spend less time managing grades, planning my curriculum , attendance, and measuring the behavior of my students and share it with my students and their parents, so that I can engage them and provide them current and actionable information to support their child through my course.

My desired outcomes are:

  • 1. I can maintain my own grade book
  • 2. I can invite parents to access my grade and attendance books.
  • 3. I can manage attendance records.
  • 4. I can measure my students behavior with achieve.

Solution Description

If your school does not provide electronic access to your child's records, now you can manage that information yourself with Edu Status Teacher.

Edu status Teacher, allows educators to manage their grade book, attendance, reading logs, and interactions with their scholars parents. From our easy to use website or mobile apps.

Educators use Edu Status Teacher to:

  • 1. Keep track of attendance
  • 2. Keep track of reading logs
  • 3. Keep track of homework and grades
  • 4. Manage Communications with parents
  • 5. Plan curriculum

Why Edu Status Teacher?

  • - A single classroom management tool?
  • - chart and see the growth of your class in intuitive ways.
  • - Always be prepared when meeting or discussing your scholars’ academic performance.

Edustatus Teacher (Free)

  • Analytics
  • Messages
  • Gradebook
  • Attendance Book
  • Behavioral Management
  • Calendar
  • Classroom