Software Features

Edu Status Classroom

Classroom Management

Students and parents will have real-time access to assignments, courses and subjects.

Edu Status Analytics

Analytical Reporting

All of the data user inputs to Edu Status comes out in Graphical Analytics.

Edu Status Medical

Medical Management

Stay on top of health trends within your school and visits to the nurse’s office.

Edu Status Performance

360 Evaluations

Create and manage performance plans for scholars or staff and solicit feedback peers and superiors.

Edu Status Student

Student Information Management

You focus on developing the leaders of tomorrow and we will focus on managing your information. Our cloud is secure, safe, and backed up regularly. 99.99% availability.

Edu Status Behavioral Management

Behavioral Management

A behavioral management platform to help reward and discourage certain student behaviors. This tool provide businesses the opportunity to advertise their goods and services and schools the ability to raise money.

Edu Status Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Take the pressure of designing and hosting your schools website. Our web hosting solutions comes with an online application process and content management features.

Edu Status Resources

Resource Management

Include, time entry and approvals, time off Accruals, reporting, etc.

Manage your most common human resource needs with Resource.

Bring time attendance benefits and evaluations under one digital umbrella. Track Employee Time and Attendance Time Accrual Plans for vacation, sick leave, and types of leave Evaluate, define, and track performance objectives for staff.