Selecting a School

Large schools, small schools, single-sex schools, religious-oriented schools, magnet schools, language immersion schools, charter schools, home school. There are as many schools as there are flavors of ice cream. We know you want the best for your child and will choose schools based on any number of mitigating factors that range from academic reputation, zone, cost, and proximity to home, to how you were treated at an open house. Did you see the number of computers that filled every redecorated classroom during the walk-through?

This rite of passage for parents will always summon anxiety, but there are ways to focus such feeling and take control of the process.

Nick Friedman of Psychology Today asks only that parents consider who their child is, and what learning environment that child needs to thrive.

Other concerns regarding your choice of school should include but are not limited to the following
  • Teacher/Student Ratio:Small-sized learning groups are ideal for students because they receive greater quality time with their teacher. Also, the teacher is able to keep order, and assign and manage in class assignments with greater impact.
  • Physical Appearance: Every inch of a school should captivate a student’s interest in learning in a creative and positive way. Kids spend almost 35 hours per week at school, so it must be a place that provides elements that attract a sense of success and tradition, strong values: This may be a matter of color scheme, affirmations, cleanliness, and quiet. Most of all, it should be safe!
  • Curriculum and Academic Standards: Parents must find out if the school they are considering has been designated a Title 1 school, which the department of Education Defines as a school that has been identified for restructuring, corrective action, or general improvement. Parents should also check to see how many students are passing the end-of-the year assessments, and the credentials of the teachers. If the school extends through high school, how many students are graduating and going to college?
  • See a class in session:The proof is in the pudding and there is no substitute for seeing what you are paying for. Watch the classroom interactions and the response to the teacher’s cues. Imagine your child there!

Edu Status considers itself a partner for parents who already have kids in school and for parents who are starting the journey. Wherever your research and good sense guides you in terms of choosing the right school for your child take your time to ask the tough questions and look us up for resources to aid you in your final choice.