The Market

The Problem

We started by putting on our different hats and created a wishlist of features. Each feature was assigned an importance factor and organized into components. We then went to market to evaluate our competitors and were surprised by our findings:

  1. Multiple solutions were needed to meet our needs
  2. Wasted time with data entry across multiple systems
  3. Many hours spent pulling information and creating reports
  4. Resources could be used in more efficient ways.

  5. The Solution

    Edu Status provides a valuable one platform solution to address the education management needs of students, parents, educators, school boards, and now districts and charter organizations.

    1. Our pricing is competitive and we offer 25% more features than our leading competitors.
    2. The Avg competitor price  is approximately $12 per user/year.
    3. Competitors do not offer a holistic management package, mostly Grade book type features.