Any internet enabled device can be used to support and reinforce learning. Today students bring their own mobile devices and some well-funded schools and districts provide students with laptops and tablets.

Today, K-12 schools are adopting a BYOD polices which provide the opportunity to leverage those devices as educational tools, ensuring that students have access to educational tools around the clock. Decades of computer-centric thinking are giving way to connectivity-centric thinking, which means any device with connectivity may now be utilized as a learning platform.

Wi-Fi in education is about more than accessing the network. Whether adopting a BYOD approach or an IT-based One-To-One initiative, this transformation to a more highly diverse and un-managed set of network users presents a new challenge to provide safe, predictable connectivity. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of improving students’ educational experience must not be compromised.

Innovia Wireless allows K-12 institutions to extend wireless access to a broad spectrum of users, devices, and use cases without a phone call or a trip to the support desk. Innovia Wireless ES does this by providing automated, self-service onboarding for a wide array of devices and determining the appropriate policy for each user and device.

  • Realize the benefits of Innovia Wireless in K-12
  • Leverage your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Eliminate the management and security headaches related to pre-shared keys (PSK).
  • Eliminate the inconvenience and security risks of captive portal logins.
  • Automate the device onboarding for all permitted users, including students, staff, contractors, and visitors.
  • Ensure users get connected, not just configured.
  • Automate the enforcement of policies and access controls, including use policies, authentication, and network privileges.
  • Provide encrypted wireless without creating support tickets.
  • Track information related to users, devices, and policies for all wireless connections.